Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lover of Music?

If you are lover of music, have music callings at church, teach or play written music or collect vintage music, there are many great resources for you right now on We'd like to share with you three of our favorites.

Amara Doxey, is a singer/songwriter who is looking for opportunities to share her music & is planning to sell her music in the future. She is very talented and has a fresh sound. Her video clip showing a sample of her music can be seen here. She advertises more samples of her music and upcoming shows on her myspace page here. Check her out if you live in Utah!
Aunt Theresa's Vintage Music is a fabulous resource if you are looking for vintage music and piano music. They're purpose has been to "Bring Back Cherished Memories". They have great low prices on records, CD's, videos, cassettes, Spoken Word, Polka, children & youth music, classical, and piano and organ sheet music, music books and hymnals. They have an ebay store, which you can visit here in addition to the many products that can be purchased directly at We're big fans of music, especially for piano and have found some gems at Aunt Theresa's Vintage Music! Many of their items would be great for family home evening, home schoolers, early childhood development, Christmas, musical instruction, textbooks, etc.

Lastly, we're excited to tell you about a new business on that is a wonderful resource if you are serving in a calling or have an interest in choir and finding beautiful arrangements. Copypack Music has religous, seasonal and secular choir arrangements that you can purchase for $6, which includes 3o copies of the arrangment! They can be found here on or visit their main website here to view and listen to all available arrangements. If you've had an experience with any of these businesses let us know!

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